These days, most cameras offer 4K resolutions. Such cameras capture live videos and pictures with clarity while on the move. Carrying a 4K resolution means all the videos are going to come out clean and crisp. People who have the interest to purchase a good camera can depend on the detailed reviews to narrow down on their selection.

In the list of the best action camera under $100, the Cyclops Gear CGX-LT Action camera boasts a total of eight mounts. This is a solid camera with great picture and capture settings and wifi enabled touchscreen. Its field of view is a little lower than some of the other cameras, probably around 150 degrees. The Cyclops Gear CGX-LT Action camera is compact and can be fitted into a pocket to be whip out for some quick video at a moment’s notice.

The specifications are fairly standard, which is impressive since it is smaller than a lot of other cameras. It manages to capture great, smooth video despite the tiny lens.Another best action camera under 100 is the Crosstour Action Camera 9500. This camera is designed for steady video despite a source of shaking. This makes it ideal for video capture when the user is in a river-rafting scenario, for instance, or on a train or even in a car driving along a bumpy road.

The field of view is a little unclear but it sufficed for its purposes. It comes with a bunch of stands to go along with the anti-shake tech built into the device. The Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is a dependable choice that has a place in rougher terrain or with users who are going to be capturing while on the move. The GeeKam 4K Action camera is another popular one that comes with dual-screen functionality, a wifi wrist control, waterproof, and also comes with several cool accessories.

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